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Find more capacity and more reliable carriers with DAT Express - DAT's load board service designed for freight brokers, shippers and carriers moving in Canada. DAT Express gives you unlimited posting and searching, instant alarm match notification, lane rate validation, Hot States for load to truck ratios, the DAT Directory, (for brokers) access to DAT's CarrierWatch carrier monitoring tool, (and for carriers) tri-haul routing tool and guarunteed freight bill payment and collection assistance for registered loads.
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Find More Loads from TruckersEdge®, Powered by DAT®

The original truck load board, founded in 1978, DAT provides excellent value at an affordable price. As a part DAT's extensive load board network, DAT TruckersEdge provides carriers access to the trusted DAT® Network, North America’s largest marketplace for freight loads and trucks with over 300,000 loads posted daily. Starting at just $34.95, TruckersEdge provides unlimited searching and posting, instant alarm match notification, broker credit scores and days to pay, market rates, mileage routing and more.
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You will find a download the the w-9 which is needed if you plan on obtaining loads with brokers. Also you will find a directory to the States to get phone numbers to check on the price of your plates. These are common items that have been requested from us many times. Also you will find a link to obtain your 2290. You will need this before you get your plates. You may also need a EIN/FED ID and that link is also available to you to be able to apply and print right online. Also feel free to check below to see if there are any other items that may be helpful to you.



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