What do I need in order to start a trucking company?
You need the trucking authority (MC, ICC), USDOT, BOC3 and the Unified Carrier Registration (in somes States you maybe exempt). If you plan on traveling through New Mexico, Ky, Ny or OR you may need additional permits depending on your GVWR. You will also need at least $750,000 liability insurance, your plates, 2290 and your IFTA stickers (depending on your GVWR).

Do I need a truck in order to file for my authority?
No. You will need a truck to get the insurance but not to get your authority filed. If you are planning on hiring owner operators, then you will need their information to obtain the insurance.

What is included in your authority package?
There are several packages available.

How long does it take before my authority will go active?
We can have your authority filed generally within an 1-1.5 hours. You USDOT is go active the next business day and it legally takes the Federal Motor Carrier 16-21 days to activate your authority.

There are companies out there that say they can get me my authority asap, is this true?
NO. This is false information and it could cost you a great deal of money, if  you cross the State line without your active authority.  If you have your BOC3 filing and your insurance, your authority will go active in 16-21 days.

Some say that I need $1mil liability insurance, is this true?
No, in most cases the requirement is $750,000 but some brokers like to see $1mil. The required amount could be different depending on what you are hauling. An example of this would be Hazmat. When obtaining your insurance quote, your insurance professional will inform you of what is required.

Once I file my authority, when should I obtain my insurance?
The Federal Motor Carrier is not looking for your insurance until 10 business days after we file your authority. So we recommend having your insurance by the 8th business day so that it is filed on your authority ( it takes 1-2 days to post on your authority) by the 10th business day.

What happens if I run into a situation and can not get my insurance by the 10th business day?

You have some time, usually 60 days. The federal motor carrier will send you letters informing you of how much time you have. If for some reason you do not get your insurance on in time, then you will just be dismissed. If this happens, we can help you get your authority back on track.

If I wanted to hire owner operators, do you know where I can obtain some kind of lease on agreement?
Yes. Our customers that file their authority with us have access to a lease agreement, free consulting, and a USDOT audit packet (which the information was obtained by a DOT auditor) for free.

Why don't you do plates or IFTA stickers?
It is not in your best interest for us to do the IFTA stickers. For one, we would have to mail the application which could hold you up from getting on the road and these stickers are cheap and can be obtained at your plate office. Plates and IFTA can be obtained in your own State and it would save you a lot of money if you obtained these on your own.  There have been horrible stories from our customers on paying a company to obtain the plates for them. Not saying all companies that do plates are bad, but I've seen some customers have their plates held hostage for more money. In order to avoid any scams or huge cost to our customers, we just provide the phone# to their State plate office. In the long run, it saves you money.

What is the process of filing my authority?

You complete the application and submit. You can either pay online or wait for us to contract you once we receive your application. We get your authority filed and email you all the filed documents. You then have a 10 business day publication period (basically your application is accepted and they sit on it) and then at the end on the 10 business days, they will be looking for your insurance and your BOC3. Once they verify this information, you are then put in line to go active. During this 10 business day wait period, we tell our customer's to get insurance, get your plates, IFTA account set up, get your Drug & Alcohol consortium program set up  and get your office ready.

Why am I getting so many calls once you file my authority and what should I do about them?

We have to put your phone number on your filing in case DOT, or the FMCSA need to reach you. Unfortunately, your phone is going to ring with telemarketers and some maybe very aggressive. Some calls are scams, and we are to report them to the FMCSA & USDOT. If someone calls you and leads you to believe that they are from the Federal motor carrier or the USDOT, keep in mind that these gov offices never call you and ask for money. Once you have paid for these items with us, there is no reason to purchase them again. We have had many customer's become victims of scams, so if you think that you might be in the process of being scammed, contact us before you give out your credit card and we will let you know if the items are needed or if it is a scam. You will get calls for a drug & Alcohol program, you will need it but not today. We do offer information on these programs, however if you are considering a program from a telemarketer call, just make sure they are DOT approved, there are no hidden fees and all fees are in writing. We do apologize in advance for these telemarketers that show their desperation for your credit card. If you want to rid of them, usually if you tell them you have an agent, they vanish. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get the loads to broker on the load boards?

The process is similar to the trucking authority. You will need:

Broker Authority


UCR (unified carrier registration)

Broker Bond (in place of the insurance)

The whole process takes 16-21 days

To become a Broker complete the application here

What is the cost of the bond and can I qualify?



The company that we use has  excellent payment plans. Generally, the most popular plan is the $995/per quarter. We have not had a single complaint and we have never been informed of any of our customers being denied.

What is the process of becoming a broker?

USDOT required Drug and Alcohol program. A drug and alcohol testing program is required for CDL drivers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), and the Department of Transportation (USDOT), requires that persons subject to the commercial driver's license (CDL) requirements and their employers follow drug and alcohol testing rules. These rules include procedures for testing, frequency of tests, and substance tested for.

Who is required?

CDL drivers who operate commercial motor vehicles on public roads
Anyone who employes CDL drivers to operate commercial motor vehicles on public roads
Interstate motor carriers
Intrastate motor carriers
Federal, State and local goverments
Civic organizations (disabled veteran transport, boy/girl scouts, etc)
Faith based organizations

When filing for a Broker authority, you are required to have a $75,000 surety bond on your authority.


There are shipping companies all around you. Any place that has a dock, has loads they need moved. You simply call and ask for the shipping manager and ask to get on their bid list to sell their loads and they will tell you what you need to do. There is also a company out there called carrier depot that has all the shippers in the US and the going rates per lane (this will help you for pricing your bid). To check it out click here

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