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​We are Transportation Consultants that offer services such as; MC Authority, ICC MC, USDOT, trucking authority, bond for freight broker, BMC 84 surety bond, broker surety bond, hazmat , unified carrier registration, ACE Manifest, Broker Authority, Canadian Authority, ACE?ACI Manifest

Get your Trucking Authority/ MC Authority

We are an online Permit & Licensing Company. We work with the States, US DOT & Federal Motor Carrier to help our clients get the proper Permits & Licensing for their Trucking & Broker business. We also work with the US & Canada border security agencies for the proper legal paperwork for trucking companies to cross the Canadian Border.

We are a "One Stop Shop" for all trucking. Get your MC authority (operating authority, motor carrier authority, dot authority), USDOT number, BOC3, insurance, Drug & Alcohol program, fuel taxes, hazmat, trucking authority permits, UCR (unified carrier registration) and more....

At Blue Ridge our customers are very important to us and would like to thank them for selecting us to assist them with their Trucking Authority and Broker Authority needs. NOT ONLY do we assist with obtaining the Trucking & Broker Authority, we care that they actually succeed. So, when our customer hires us to do their Authority filings, we offer FREE TRAINING!!! We offer Broker training, dispatch training, hiring employees or owner operators training, and trucking business training. We also DO NOT CHARGE consulting fees. Many of our clients have paid out thousands of dollars for these trainings.

So many people are being "taken" on paid trainings and many have been given wrong information, or taught to double broker which is illegal. So, SAVE YOUR MONEY and get your Authority & FREE training with us!!!

We have been involved in the transportation industry for over 27 years, from being a truck driver, to dispatching trucks, to direct shipper account management, to brokering freight. All that experience is available to our clients and we do not charge any consulting fees.

We strive to be a "One stop shop" for our clients. Our services include, filing US DOT numbers, Mc numbers, NY hut permits, Kyu numbers, New Mexico WDT Permits, Drug & Alcohol Consortium, filing 2290's, provide free Driver packets, IFTA fuel taxes, and much more.

For clients that want to transport freight between the USA and Canada we also handle the Canadian Licensing for all of Canada. We also file the ACI and ACE Manifest documentation with both the US and Canada port authorities. We strive to provide the best possible service at the most reasonable pricing.

Our commitment is to not only file your paperwork but to help you and your company succeed in the business. 

If your looking for a USDOT, MC Number Trucking (MC Authority, Interstate carrier Authority), Broker Authority, Canadian authority, or all other trucking services, we can get you set up!

All services are provided for all States & Canada online for your convenience.