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**Disclaimer** We do not do the factoring within our company, we refer our customers to a factoring company. It is your responsibility to review any contracts before you sign them. We highly encourage our customers to have all contracts reviewed by an attorney before you sign them. Blue Ridge TM LLC will not be held liable for anything having to do with contracts that you/your company signed.

Factoring (quick pay)
Factoring your invoices is a great way to make sure you keep money flowing to your bank account.

Why Factor?
Keeps money flowing into your account
The factoring company buys the invoice from you and they chase the money
You do not need to spend time doing collections on money owed
Free credit checks on the Companies you are working with
Some have discounts and fuel cards

You figure Brokers have 30 days to pay you. So if you are out running, will you be able to afford to wait 30 days for each Broker to pay? Most trucking companies don't have that kind of fuel money just sitting in the bank, so factoring gets them paid fast.

Factoring is simple. You check the companies credit that you are about to obtain the load with, book the load, deliver and send the paperwork to the factoring company and your money is in the bank 24-48 hours minus their fee.

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