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If you are a Trucking Company and want to cross State lines, you are required to have a Trucking Authority ( MC Authority).

There are 2 types of Authorities, Common & Contract. There is a big difference between the 2 and we encourage our customer's toward the Common because there are no restrictions and there has been talk of the the FMCSA getting rid of the contract authority. ICC MC and MC Authority as the same thing. You will be issued a USDOT when your MC Authority is filed. Also, the new law is that every driver must have an ELD ( electronic logging device ) unless you are in the guidelines to be exempt.

Here is the difference between Common & Contract Authority

Common Carrier Authority:
A Common Carrier provides "For-Hire* truck transportation" to the general public. A Common Carrier must file both Liability insurance as well as Cargo Insurance.

Contract Carrier Authority:
A Contract Carrier provides "for-hire*truck transportation" to specific, individual shippers, based on contracts. They must file only Liability Insurance

You will also need a USDOT approved Drug & Alcohol Program. Our plan is only $10/mo per driver

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If you have questions regarding trucking authorities, free free to check out our "Frequently asked questions" page or click here


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