There are some States that require additional permits along with your trucking authority in order to enter their State. New Mexico weight distance permit is an annual permit that must be renewed by January 1st. New York Hut is good for a couple of years and KYU is a one time only. Also New Mexico, KY and NY require you to file fuel taxes on these permits. These are required permits to run through these States.

Those States are listed below:

OREGON (obtain at the border)

If you need these permits, you can call trucking consultant at the number above or you can order them online

here and complete the permit formHERE

If you plan on going through NM, NY or KY, you may need to obtain these State permits. Get you NM, NYHUT and KYU here!

Usually these permits can be obtained in 1-2 business days, as long as we have been provided all the right truck information.

These State permits are not trip & fuel permits. If you need trip & fuel permits CLICK HERE

*NOTE*  Kentucky will not release your kyu until you have your insurance, your authority goes active and you have your UCR (Unified carrier registration)

Pricing for the State Permits

New Mexico $65 year

New York hut $120

Kyu $82 one time charge


Kentucky (kyu), New Mexico Weight Distance Permit, New York Hut

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