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If you are needing help with the completion and filing of your quarterly fuel taxes, complete the IFTA application on our website and we will get you set up. Our fees for this service are very basic, and are as follows;
Our pricing
$35 account software one time only set up
$37 per month per truck, which also includes the additional permitted States (KYU, NM & NYHUT). So there are no additional charges for these States. Must have completed paperwork (trip sheets or IVMR's)
You are not charged for months you did not run
$75 per month per truck if we have to completely reconstruct all trips with receipts and logbooks. This is not recommended because it takes many hours to reconstruct all the trips based on receipts and log books, and if it is turned in too close to cut off it maybe completed late.
The States are needing money, so they have become strict with deadlines. So be aware of Kentucky, if you ran through there and you have a KYU and your fuel taxes are late, they will charge you a $2000+ bond.

So what is all included for the $37 per month per truck?
*Completed quarterly fuel taxes
*The additional permitted States (New Mexico, NY & KY) at no extra
*Your end of Quarter fuel tax report
*Your end of the year fuel tax audit report
*We can help you pay your New Mexico taxes online for you
*We can help you pay your KY taxes online for you
*Fuel tax consulting at no extra charge, in order to keep your fuel
  tax bill lower.

Even though your Authority might not yet be active, it is important to get this set up right away, so you have the proper paperwork before you get your trucks on the road.
We also provide the IVMR's (Trip Sheets) that can be downloaded off our website. Even if you do not use our service, you are welcome to download and use our forms

****WARNING****You will need IVMR's (Trip sheets) completed if you receive a IFTA audit. Even if you do not use our fuel tax service, make sure you have IVMR's or some type of Trip Sheets to provide to a IFTA auditor. An IFTA Auditor will ask to see them.

****WARNING**** We recommend sending in your fuel taxes weekly or monthly. If you send them all in at the same time at the end of the quarter, or send them in 2 weeks before they are due to your State, we can not guarantee they will be completed and into your State on time. Fuel taxes are completed in the order received. It is your responsibility as a company to call in to check the status of your fuel taxes, to keep on top of when they are due and mailing them in on time. We only provide the service of processing the fuel taxes, it is not our responsibility to pay your taxes. If you are late sending in your fuel taxes to your State and your permit States, there will be late fees, fines or penalties, just the same as your regular taxes


If you have the IFTA miles tracking on your ELD, there have been errors. No matter what ELD company you are with, we have heard from many people with different devices that they are NOT tracking properly. We recommend that you still log your miles in each State, just in case you have an issue with the IFTA tracking so you do not get stuck with a mess at the end of the quarter. One of our clients had -40,000 miles listed on their ELD IFTA tracking. We have heard that some ELD companies are claiming it is not their error, it is the driver error because of where he/she drove and there were weak signals. Regardless of device/Company, we recommend you protecting yourself by tracking your miles & States on trip sheets/IVMR's.

January thru March 31 - Due by April 30
April thru June - Due by July 31
July thru September - Due by October 31
October thru December - Due by January 31

IFTA ( International fuel tax agreement )

A Qualified Motor Vehicle is a motor vehicle used, designed, 
 *note* Qualified Motor Vehicle does not include 
            recreational vehicles.
or maintained for transportation of persons or property and:
 - Having two (2) axles and a gross vehicle weight or 
   registered gross vehicle weight exceeding 26,000
  - Having three (3) or more axles regardless of weight.
  - Is used in combination when the weight of such 
    combination exceeds 26,000 Lbs gross vehicle 

IFTA Fuel Taxes

Trucking Companies are required to file quarterly IFTA (International fuel tax agreement)fuel taxes. These taxes should be treated as important as your regular taxes. Trucking Companies that do not file their fuel taxes will be running the risk of an audit and being shut down. If you are required to have IFTA stickers, then you are required to file fuel taxes.

IFTA Fuel Taxes

Fuel Taxes are required to complete and turn to your State each quarter. Get signed up now!

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