​You may need trip & fuel permits if the State you need to travel to is not on your plates on your IFTA

If you need to travel to a State that is not on your plates or IFTA, you will need these permits in order to travel to those States.

They have recently changed the plates in each State to where you automatically have all the States on your plates, whether you run through them or not. In some States, these plates have become cheaper. If you still have the old plates and you have been offered a load in a State that is not on your old plate, this is where the temporary trip permit comes in. If you did not have that State on your IFTA sticker then you will need a temporary fuel permit.

Also if you need overweight or oversize permits, these permits are difficult to list prices, so we would have to have you contact us so that we can get the load details in order to give you an accurate price. For these permits, contact us at 706-435-0531


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